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Domain Registrations and Transfers
  1. What is a valid domain name?

    The rules are:
    - 67 characters including the extension (e.g. .com, .net, .org, etc.).
    - The domain name without the extension can be up to 63 characters.
    - Only 0-9, a-z and the dash "-" are valid characters.
    - The domain name cannot start or end with a dash.

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  2. How to change my nameservers for a .be domain?

    We got a lot of questions about changing the nameservers on a .be domain.

    We explain how to do this here below:

    1. Open a support ticket with your domain name and email on the file for your .be domain. Ask in this mail for send your login info.

    2. Go to this URL: MANAGE INTERFACE and login with the username and password received from above email.

    3. Once login; click on “Update All Domain Info” and change your DNS information
    Save configuration and you are done.

    IMPORTANT! Please note that changes to ownership information will result in a chargeable transaction if the owner of the name is changed and/or the owner organization information is changed and therefore the expiry date of the domain being updated to reflect the change completion date + 1 year.

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  3. Can I transfer an UK domain to your services?
    Yes you can, only UK domain transfers are done manually.
    Please submit a helpdesk ticket for assistance and we will take care for your UK domain transfer, this may take 1 to 2 weeks to process.

    IMPORTANT! There is no charge for .uk transfers and there is no renewal.

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